Shirley Sherrod, GTTFP! (and your 15 minutes are up)

So, we’re not going to say Shirley Sherrod deserved to be smeared, chopped to pieces, and edited to be a racist Ag official. Almost.  Her biggest flaw, of which she has many, was her long-winded 45 minute speech that just meandered on and off topic.  If you want a case study in crappy speechmaking, this is Exhibit A.

Imagine the ease with which Andrew Breitbart merrily hacked and reanimated her speech to the exact opposite of what her point was (what was her point exactly?).  Oh yeah, that she helped out white farmers when many wouldn’t help black folks out.  In other words, she did her job.

But GTTFP has to say.  Her speech was painful.  Excruciating.  Her point is unclear, to say the least.  And, when she was given the national spotlight – she really didn’t have much to say.  Now what is she up to? Who cares!

She had a chance to capture our imagination with some powerful messages about understanding, tolerance, racial tension in America.  Instead, she continued to drone on about herself, how unfair it was, how she “doesn’t know what” she’ll be doing next (other than boring us on national TV).  There might be a book deal, and we fear it will be 3,000 pages long.

Shirley Sherrod, you should have gotten to your f*cking point! America would be a better place if you weren’t so long-winded.

Zzzz... what? Oh, nothing....zzzzzzz


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