56 million Americans are annoying you on Facebook

Mashable’s latest update is that 56 million people are now involved in some form of social gaming.  The king of these companies is Zynga – responsible for all those stupid FB updates about sad cows and unwatered crops.

The study was commissioned by the NPD Group (full press release can be found here).  Some key stats:

– 53% of players are women (I’m looking at you Farmville and Cafe World)

– 60 million Americans over the age of 6 have played a social game at least once

– $2.2 BILLION in virtual goods have been bought through social gaming



This blog is meant to accomplish two things:

1)   Get you to your fucking point

2)   Save the world from inefficiency

See?  Now you know immediately whether you want to read on or not.  You are welcome.

A lot of personal and professional time is spent dallying while we could all be better at getting to our point faster, and allowing more time for REAL conversation.   If we all spent more time hashing through the topics and issues we really want to discuss, we would live in a more productive world – and frankly, save us from some inane bullshit we’d rather not suffer through.

In the coming weeks and months this blog will investigate our need to waste time, why we do it, and how we can stop it.  And stay tuned for the forthcoming book, Get to the F*cking Point!